Local News Articles

Filming for the series is complete
The house of the Lord announced in 2022 will help local Saints increase their 'spiritual momentum'
The concert is one of the main features of this year’s Light the World initiative
Additional food boxes, hygiene kits, water and children’s clothes distributed
Nearly 40,000 children will receive the vaccine
Over 700 young adults volunteer through sponsored service conference at Special Olympics in Berlin
Courageous refugees and European Saints' relief efforts are honored on World Refugee Day 2023
The Church to provide additional relief in the region
“My heart rejoices when I think of how … all of these countries in Europe are providing refugee service to families and mothers and children…”
Aid to earthquake victims totals more than US$5 million
Sister Ana Bonny is the first European member called to represent the Church to the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, Geneva
Will be the second house of the Lord in Spain